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Our Mission
our mission
Over the past 100 years, Hollywood has gotten a lot of things right. We take that unique expertise and adapt it for new forms of entertainment that the movie moguls could never have imagined. We help bridge two distinct cultures and raise the level of dramatic tension in media like video games, VR/AR, mobile apps, etc.
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Our Services
Our extensive network of directors, writers, creatives and producers includes everyone from Emmy winning writers and Grammy winning recording engineers to rising stars straight out of the American Film Institute or USC's School of Cinematic Arts. There are no challenges too big or too small. We pride ourselves on conquering the unknown, so don't be afraid to reach out about something out of the ordinary.
Whether it is a routine production or something that's never been tried. We help you figure out the best way to get what you need with the budget that you have.
Every great performance starts with a great script. We can help you ensure that the lines that are put in front of the actor are as good as they can get.
Having cast hundreds of actors and booked thousands of talent sessions, we can help you find the perfect actor for your project.
Performance Capture Coordination
We help you get the most out of your Performance Capture sessions by helping coordinate the talent and supplementing your team with talent directors and consultants.
Voice-Over Production
With 10 years of experience producing voice-over for videogames, our team has overseen the recording of nearly 1 million lines of dialogue.
Video Production
Our team can help with all your video production needs, whether it is shooting a behind-the-scenes featurette, live-action cut-scene or a promotional video.
Tim has headed up our Voice Casting and Voice Over production for the last six years. He's an outstanding asset; he has helped us navigate the often times stormy seas of talent acquisition and management along with the rapid changes of technologies with facial animations and audio. He's calm under pressure, driven and has a great track record of success in his collaborations with Bethesda Game Studios.
Jeff Gardiner
Senior/Lead Producer at Bethesda Game Studios
Regardless of budget or schedule, Horseless Cowboy delivers! Tim's company produced three promotional videos for our nonprofit, travel2change. He worked with me to confirm our needs before assembling a great team and ensuring they delivered more than we expected. Tim's contributions helped raise awareness for travel2change during our early years and I can't thank him enough.
Thomas Kohler
Founder of travel2change
Ask any cast member and they'll say the same thing: voice-over for Guild Wars 2 has truly been the gift that keeps on giving. We've been in the booth every few months with a variety of actors since 2009, adding more content to an already massive game in the form of free live updates and new, story-focused episodes. Tim and his hand-picked team have been with us every step of the way, helping us with everything from talent casting and voice recording to file cutting and asset delivery. He's helped us through impossible deadlines and marathon recording sessions that would make a lesser man curl into a ball and cry. (Remember those seven week marathons with three simultaneous studios? I do!) You could do a lot worse than Tim. He's the real deal.
Bobby Stein
Team Lead at ArenaNet